Bison Illustrated Offers Buy One, Give One Subscriptions

The entire mission of Bison Illustrated is to promote NDSU Athletics. Through their unique storytelling, photography and design, the magazine is able to promote the university to people across the United States. This month, Bison Illustrated is asking for your help to grow NDSU’s reach.

Its goal is to mail the magazine to all 50 states in 2018. Until Dec. 31, Bison Illustrated is offering a special buy one, give one deal. This means if you buy a subscription to Bison Illustrated, you can give a subscription to anyone anywhere in the country.

It’s the perfect gift for any Bison diehard—no matter where they live. Subscribers and their gift recipients will receive a new copy of Bison Illustrated every month. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, anyone who subscribes before Dec. 31 will be entered for a chance to win a signed Carson Wentz copy of Bison Illustrated. Order before Monday, Dec. 18, and you will be mailed the December magazine in time for Christmas. Go to to learn more.

Check out Bison Illustrated Editor Joe Kerlin talking about the subscription deal on KVRR.