‘Bring On The Cats’ Interviews Bison Illustrated Editor About Past Athletic Director Gene Taylor

Feature photo by J. Alan Paul Photography
Portrait by Paul Flessland

Since Kansas State recently hired Gene Taylor as the new director of athletics, “Bring On The Cats,” SB Nation’s sports news site built to focus on Kansas State University athletics, reached out to Bison Illustrated Editor Joe Kerlin for a Q&A on the matter.

Joe Kerlin Bison Illustrated Editor at Spotlight Media in Fargo

“We thought it would be a good idea to get to know something about the man (Gene Taylor) straight from the horse’s mouth — or the Bison’s mouth, as it were,” the article stated. Kerlin knows the ins and outs of NDSU athletics and truly understands the impact Gene Taylor had on the Bison Nation. You can read the Q&A at “Kansas State Q&A – Getting to know about Gene Taylor.