Design & Living Watch List

Design & Living is gradually becoming one of our most popular magazines. The designers and architects featured in the mag are always up-to-date on the hottest and trendiest designs. Here is a list of the people to lookout for the May’s issue:

  • Katie Beyer – The leader of the Homesteading in the City movement in the F-M area.
  • Tamara Hennessy – The owner of the Hennessy Homes store located in Grand Forks that focuses on repurposing and interior design.
  • Jessica Thoreson and Allison Comstock – These pair of interior designers spread their ideas and offer tips about interior design in homes and condos around the F-M area.
  • Maria Bosak – The owner of Eco Chic Boutique offers her tips on echo-friendly repurposing.
  • Allison Comstock – The owner of AllisonNicole’s offers her services to any kind of repurposing project.
  • Annie Poitra – The owner of ReDOUX creates any custom furniture out of rustic or just about any industrial pieces.
  • Leanne Sucrow – The owner of The Studio specializes in furniture and any kind of home decor.
  • Stevie Famulari – This professor from New York dabbles in art as well as landscape architecture.