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Meet Mike Dragosavich

Hey, it’s Mike Dragosavich, CEO and founder of Spotlight Media. After 14 years of helping businesses grow with our full-service agency and producing top-notch magazines and websites, I’ve learned a lot about the power of recruitment and retention.

The Recruitment Challenge

Recruitment has become a critical focus, especially post-COVID. Hiring has been tough for everyone, and we’ve all felt the pinch. Speaking at SHRM’s Disrupt HR event last year really opened my eyes to new strategies. Here’s what I’ve learned and what we offer to make your recruitment process smarter and more effective.

Video Production & Testimonials

Engage with Videos: People retain information better through video. We create engaging testimonial stories and interactive videos that showcase your company culture. This helps candidates visualize themselves in your organization, making your career page more than just job listings.

Career Page Overhaul: Think beyond the usual job applications. Add employee testimonials, fun interactive elements, and easy communication options. Make the application process seamless to attract top talent who don’t want to jump through hoops.

Conversion Tools

Landing Pages with Analytics: Our landing pages come with robust analytics. We can see how candidates interact with the page in real time, ensuring the best user experience. This includes watching mouse movements and clicks to optimize conversions.

Interactive Videos: Candidates want authenticity. We create interactive videos where they can learn about your company and ask questions without a formal interview. This builds trust and transparency.

Targeted Advertising

Ultra-Targeted Campaigns: We use competitor geofencing and behavioral targeting to reach the right audience. From programmatic display ads to streaming audio and video, we’ve got it all. Our streamlined platform shows all reports in one place, with one bill and one point of contact.

Proven Results: We recently geo-fenced trade schools for a client and saw a significant increase in qualified applicants. This proves our strategies are effective and efficient.

Always Stay Ahead

Continuous Engagement: We don’t just target job seekers; we also reach passive candidates who might be perfect for your company. By staying in front of potential hires, we ensure you attract the best talent, even if they’re not actively looking.

Final Thoughts

At Spotlight Media, we’re not just about placing ads; we’re about solving your recruitment challenges with innovative solutions. Our detailed approach ensures you get the right candidates who are excited to join your team. Let’s make your recruitment process smarter and more efficient together!

Thanks for reading! 🚀

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