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finally for local and regional companies!

At Spotlight Interactive we use technology and strategy to get our business clients operating like huge companies but at small business investments.

How it works.

Our approach at Spotlight Interactive is to be your extension to marketing and advertising where we have learned the best way is to align your marketing with your business goals. Our team has 2 approaches, Hands on or Hassle Free. Meaning we can come in and be fully integrated and help you find the results you are looking for or provide an easy solution to purchase your advertising with one flat monthly bill, one rep, one platform and on report, so you don’t have to juggle all the different pieces.
Mike Dragosavich
Founder & CEO



Meet our team of marketing experts!

Jump on a quick 15 -30 minute call to discuss your business goals and our process.



Let’s plan your marketing strategy.

Watch Mike show our two different approaches at helping companies with marketing efforts.








Find your audience.

Watch Mike show our two different approaches at helping companies with marketing efforts.




Targeting Examples

Target the same way you would Direct Mail!

We can upload addresses from different databases and ensure that only those people are followed with your digital ads.

This is great for uploading your prospects from your CRM, rural area customers, or targeting houses around neighborhoods.  You can create display ads or streaming TV ads with this.

Google and Bing search ads without the waste.

Typically we see companies buying their own Google search ads and wasting a ton of money by not focusing on the best keywords and not eliminating competitor and bot clicks.

Example: Instead of using Keywords like “Web Design,” we use “Web Design Services.” This way, all those college kids just looking for web design influence don’t get our money; only prospects looking for services do!

We find ways to target more specifically on Social Networks.

Today, social networks like Facebook make it really hard for companies to get specific with their targeting, leading to a lot of wasted impressions and money.

We have ways to use other data providers and bring that data into networks like Facebook to help our clients.  Also, we find other ways to target on Facebook if we want to reach business owners, we will target only people who are admins of business pages. 

Missed an Event or Location you wanted to target? We have you covered!

We can target back 6+ months of physical locations that people visited and help advertise to only them.

Example: Our University clients like to look back at different college fairs, school events, and community events to target only those High School graduates who were at those events. 

Tough to target - not anymore!

With rural areas, it has always been hard to target and advertise to.  We have a solution that helps fine-tune spread out prospects and keep your message in front of them at all times.

Example: Our ag clients love “Addressable” geofencing, where we can find not only the houses they want to target but also add parameters to filter down the search so we can advertise to specific homes and businesses with qualifying demographics and criteria.

Tabs Six Examples

Real Estate Agents only want to target people who have physically set foot in model homes and target them with follow along ads.
Rural Area Targeting where we can target addresses in Rural area and ensure they see your ads on where they visit on the web and including streaming.

Geofencing 2.0 - Not your grandma's old geofencing!

Geofencing has been around for a while now and it was always too generic and unreliable.  Now our technology is supercharged and producing more results than ever.

We can get down to 8ft x 8ft and geofence 100’s of locations.  We have clients that love it for competitor geofencing, specific events and so much more.  Now also with Foot Traffic Attribution.  You have to ask us about that one.  It’s awesome!



Let’s get creative.

This is the fun part. Our team of creatives will work with your team to convey your message across your desired medium. Not only will it look good, it will get results.
Watch Mike explain the importance of creative in advertising.



Manage and optimize our strategy.

Watch Mike show our two different approaches at helping companies with marketing efforts.



We build out a budget Tracking Sheet.



We Store all your assets and communications in one place.



We analyze your campaigns and make adjustments monthly.



Transparent and straight forward reporting.

Watch Mike show our two different approaches at helping companies with marketing efforts.

Easy to Use Ads Dashboard

Video Walk-through on insights from Kellen

Recommendations and Optimizations

Recommendations and Optimizations

Our Easy to use Ad Dashboard Examples

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