Check Out’s New Look!

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In case you haven’t noticed, has a new look!

The same content you know and love is still there, but we recently rolled out a lot of new features and options that you’re sure to enjoy. A cleaner look, faster load times and more engagement are just the start!

Some of our key new features include:

A clean new look

The homepage and other pages on are more streamlined and easy to navigate.

Buttons for Hot and Trending stories at the top of every page

Curious about what stories are recent, trending or popular from the last 24 hours or 30 days? Now it’s easy to find out with the Hot and Trending pages.

A new way for you to be involved with Fargo Monthly

We allow and encourage everyone in the community to contribute press releases, photos, story ideas, memes, videos, polls and more right on our website. Try it out today!

Improved user experiences with faster load times

Self-explanatory. Now you can get to the content you want even faster!

A new social media platform

Now anyone can create a profile on to engage with the content and writers more. If you really like a particular writer or contributor, now you can follow them to keep up with whenever they have a new story on the website. You can also keep track of anything you’ve submitted to us, vote for stories you enjoy and more!

Check out these and other changes and improvements at!