This billion dollar tech company is one of the leaders in helping companies become more extreme about targeting when advertising

We found a technology call that allows us to use very targeted technologies for our clients in the region. The technology is able to capture devices that have “Location Services” turned on, like Google Maps or the Weather app. If you have your location services turned on, can target your device and allow us to serve advertisements to the person who owns that device. The ads show up where that person is browsing on the web or in apps. For instance, if you go to, you may see the ad that we are trying. to serve you.

We can target people in a certain state, city, zip code or radius of a location. If you’re a business in Fargo, ND, you can target all over the city, including West Fargo and Moorhead.

Choose Geography
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Data obtained from: City, state and national tax data, Oracle and credit card purchase history and other large data aggregators

Who We Can Target has over 500 data points that we can choose form to target people. They have partnerships with the US Census, credit card companies and more to ensure that we can use multiple forms of data to find the right fit.

Targeting Examples

At the simplest, we can target age, gender, household income, address, purchase history, homeowner and more.

We create 6 or 7 different variations of your ad so the ads will fit the desired ad spot and look the best on these websites and apps.

The client will have the option to run static images, .gif, HTML5 or video advertisements

Simplify Targeting
Wallwork Diesel Digital Ads

Spotlight will work with clients every step of the way and help create multiple types of creative. Spotlight also helps switch up creative periodically.

To run a regular image ad or make it animated – it costs the same! Ask us about how that works.

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