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So Far Here is the work we have done!

  • Built a dynamic website with conversion tools
  • Developed digital marketing strategies 
  • Created all new branding assets including 
  • Produced Arial Drone work for properties
  • Produced highly quality marketing videos 
  • Produced high quality photography
  • Created copy and messaging
  • Built a facebook instant experience and managed the campaign
  • Provided seamless project management and portal
  • Helped create assets to promote the Dream Real Estate mobile app
  • Helped optimize and distribute facebook and google advertising to promote app installs
  • Provided advertising in Spotlight Magazines
  • Performed on-page SEO for the website
  • Provided the Spotlight SYNC marketing suite that included a listing builder for accurate listings
  • Set up new email through GSuite
  • Provide hosting, security and updates for the website on a monthly basis. 

We absolutely love working with Aaron Greterman and his real estate company Dream Real Estate!  In the past 4 months we have accomplished the following and couldn’t be more excited!   Check out the website at

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