Meet The Interns: Linda Norland

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Spotlight Media hired four new interns this week, and we’re giving you exclusive information about each of them over the course of the next few days. Today, it’s Linda Norland the Web intern.
Where are you from?

I’m from Fargo, born and raised!

What’s your major?
New Media & Web Design, with a minor in Journalism.
Give us a a couple sentences about you.
Describing myself in a few sentences is hard. I am a creative person and I love writing, drawing, designing and other crafty things. I have two pet rabbits that I love to talk about. And of course, I am an NDSU Bison!
Are you a pirate or a ninja fan?
Ninjas, definitely.
What is your favorite pastime hobby?
Probably photography.
Who is your celebrity crush?
This guy from a Spanish drama I’ve been Netflix-ing.
Which way does your toilet paper hang  – over or under?
I don’t even know. I guess I don’t normally think about it.