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We were happy to send our female team members to the You Flourish Goal Setting Summit earlier this year. In addition to sending our team, we were also one of the proud sponsors of the event. Read about some of the takeaways our group left with that they are implementing into their personal lives and careers.

Megan Suedbeck
Understanding the importance of holding yourself accountable, taking tiny steps to make yourself better, or moving towards your bigger goal each day and I liked connecting with other women in the community!

“It can be easy in today’s fast-paced world to get caught up in the day-to-day monotony of life. It’s safe to stay nice and cozy in your comfort zone, year after year. Not because you want to but because it’s easy and life is hard.

It was great to take a day to focus on the big picture, not meeting the deadline, paying the bill, or getting to the appointment on time, but the big look at what you want as an individual in the upcoming year. The 2024 Women’s Goal Setting Summit by You Flourish Company was a day dedicated to thinking outside the box, breaking outside of your comfort zone, dreaming big, embracing community, and thinking about how you can keep growing as an individual in your personal and professional life.

200+ women from different careers and backgrounds got together at this event to set their goals and minds on what they wanted to accomplish in 2024. We heard from other inspiring, high-achieving women, created a plan to tackle the upcoming year, learned a few new yoga moves, met and connected with other women, and shared in a celebratory toast.

This Summit gave me all the tools I needed to take on the upcoming year and gave me a much-needed motivational boost to keep on growing in everything I do. Bring on 2024!”

Jessica Mullen
The 2024 Women’s Goal Setting Summit by You Flourish Company was a great, yet challenging experience. The accomplished women who spoke are all leaders in their respective fields. It was valuable to learn about each of their journeys, the challenges they have faced, and how they have overcome and accomplished their goals, whether in their career, personal life, or overall well-being. Their expertise and insight inspired and empowered us to set goals for ourselves, acknowledge ways in which we can achieve those goals, and hold ourselves accountable. With every speaker we had the opportunity to listen to, they challenged us to open up and be vulnerable as well. Each speaker had a corresponding exercise where we would dive deeper into things with other attendees at our table.

One of my favorite activities that we did was when we broke up into small groups of three and had the chance to get perspectives on our goals from other women. I had the chance to meet two women that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. We each discussed a goal we have and a corresponding challenge that comes with our set goal. My teammates gave me suggestions and recommendations on ways to accomplish my goal, thinking outside the box and brainstorming together on multiple ways to achieve it. It allowed me to get an outside perspective, and to be open to other ideas. It was challenging to go outside of my comfort zone and discuss a personal goal I have with strangers, but afterward, I was grateful for it. 

In both my professional and personal life, I learned new ways to be more confident, set expectations for myself, and place more value on the people and things that matter the most to me in life. I left the summit with clarity, determination, and a revitalized sense of purpose.

Miranda Knutson
The Women’s Goal Setting Summit was an empowering event designed to inspire, educate, and connect women from all walks of life. It brought together accomplished speakers, experts, and successful women entrepreneurs all in one place to share their insights and experiences in goal setting, personal development, and achievement.

I enjoyed having an extensive workbook to follow along with the speakers and event leaders to help create goals, come up with new ideas and engage in different challenging activities with fellow attendees.

At points in the event we moved around and seated with women not from our original groups and it was interesting to see all the different jobs, careers, and knowledgeable insights everyone held. We shared professional and personal goals and advice, that helped me feel connected with myself and other people.

After this event, I left with better knowledge, tips and tricks to equip myself with the knowledge and motivation I need to set ambitious goals, overcome obstacles and have a fulfilling year in all aspects of my life.

Jenny Johnson
I am a person who loves professional development, so I was thrilled to attend the Women’s Goal Setting Summit. I have been going through a lot of transitions and uncertainties in life, and this was the perfect way to start the year with clarity on how I want to show up in 2024. I was excited to have my co-workers join me at the event, so we could all be exposed to the same positive motivation to bring back to the office.

I have been working with Kelsey Buell and Grace Lange, the co-founders of You Flourish Company, for a few months now, and we were thrilled to partner with them as a sponsor for this event. The day began with each person walking up to their theme song, and we all stood up and cheered for them as they jumped on stage. The energy was high, which was a great way to start a Friday afternoon before the weekend. Kelsey jumpstarted the event by talking about “Big D Energy,” which stood for “Big Dream Energy.” I enjoyed that little joke. This lesson had three rules:

1. I won’t make myself small.
2. I believe I am important, lovable, and valuable.
3. I value personal accountability, self-respect, and owning my journey and progress.

As we moved on, we reflected on the last year to identify our biggest wins as well as our regrets about what we didn’t get a chance to do. I also enjoyed reflecting on the things I wanted to stop doing in 2024. Everything I wrote down is something I know and hate that I do, but it is sometimes difficult to make a change due to comfort or lack of energy. We wrote down what our dream year looked like and narrowed it down to the top five things we wanted to achieve. We were given the tools to break down each one and identify how to achieve them. 

While it is easy to lose motivation after an event like this, I have my workbook to reflect on. I plan to take intentional time once a quarter to reflect on where I am at and what I need to do to stay focused on becoming the person I deserve to be. All in all, it was an inspiring day filled with fun, motivation, raw emotions, and even my first time doing yoga with 250 people at the same time.

Geneva’s Summary
The 2024 Women’s Goal Setting Summit by You Flourish reinforced a crucial lesson: goals should be adaptable but not without tangible, well-defined plans. The day wasn’t just about setting goals, it was more of a deep dive into strategizing how to reach them. Surrounded by over 200 women, I feel honored to have been able to share collective wisdom and energy with everyone. The speakers were inspiring, providing practical frameworks for turning thoughts into action. While the path to our goals might change, the planning and steps to get there are still important. I left the summit not just with a set of goals but with a roadmap tailored to them, adaptable yet detailed, ensuring that every step I take is a step forward!

Save the date for next year’s event on January 10th, 2025! 

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