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7 ways we can help you with Recruitment

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Magazine Publishing Firm and Marketing Firm together using both resources to solve problems and create great experiences.
7 ways recruitment spotlight
Our team has shot and produced over 100 videos for companies in our region. We provide concept to completion and pride ourselves on quality. See our work by clicking the photo or scanning the code.

Active job seekers will find you on Indeed and those other sites, but what about those other passive job seekers who need to be sold on moving over to your company. The first place they will go is your careers page, and it better be good! We specialize in this!

When people come to your career page sometimes they just want to know a little detail that can make a big difference. And they don’t want to go through tons of steps to find it. We help companies create interactive videos that identify the most common questions, creating a great experience for the candidate!

Advertise your job to similar company’s employees

We help companies utilize the 3 billion tech Simpli.fi to geofence other companies and serve ads on an ongoing basis to the specific type of employees on your companies behalf. FYI – this isn’t unethical, it’s just making people aware of new opportunities and it’s up to them to decide if they want to explore it.

Want your ad to follow around specific people who have specific job titles? We can do that for you.

We help companies advertise to 9,000 healthcare workers in the FMWF metro.

We can find on a map how many devices we can target on your behalf instantly.

We take over 1,000 headshots for clients per year and have our own studio. We also help companies capture their culture for their career page, social media and more.

Streaming TV advertising is one of the latest ways to ultra target people and serve them educational content. We partner with Simpli.fi to help you achieve this for a fraction of the cost of going direct. Our team also helps manage the entire process and helps you understand the results.

Some Ways To Target

People with certain degrees.

People they are currently working at a specific company or industry.

People searching for job opportunities

People with certain job titles.

5 People who attend events, job fairs, or conferences.

People who have already visited your career page.

Mike Dragosavich

“As a 20-year marketing veteran, I have never seen times like this when it comes to finding people to work for a company. In the past two years, my marketing efforts have shifted towards recruiting because of the demand from our clients. I have now structured our company to have a full division devoted to this and helping companies find better talent! Let us know if we can help!”.

Mike Dragosavich, CEO Spotlight

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