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OTT (Over-The-Top), also sometimes called Connected TV(CTV), provides a new way for companies to get their video content in front of their target audience. Over-The-Top refers to any streaming service that delivers content over the internet. As people continue to quit their cable subscriptions for new streaming subscriptions, it is important to follow your customers and advertise on these new platforms. Whether they are still in their living room or on the go, we are able to serve your commercials on televisions, computers, tablets, and phones.

What are the benefits of OTT?

Aside from the fact that this is where your customers are, OTT/CTV also has a couple of other big advantages. The first advantage is reporting. Our reporting allows you to see how many people finished the ad, muted the ad, what channel/platform they saw your ads on, where your ads are being served, and overall performance.

The second advantage, and probably more exciting to you business owners, is the targeting capabilities. When using OTT, we can built your audience with you and target only those certain individuals. We can target people based on location, job title, credit card purchase history, age, income, and 1,000s of other factors.

Great Uses:

Tips for OTT/CTV Commercials

Inventory & Platforms

Your commercial will reach the largest network of Streaming TV Inventory out there.

Premium Content

Content Distributors

Regional Networks

TV Streaming Networks

OTT is a Great Awareness Tactic

Since we are not able to click on commercials to go to a landing page, streaming is an awareness tactic. It allows you to get your message across to people who are in your target demographic and use video content to create something that will resonate with them. That is why pairing this with Targeted Display works great because people see the video content and become familiar and then can click on display ads when they see the same campaign and are familiar. As customers are farther down the funnel, we can also use retargeting ads for people who visit your website.

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Streaming TV

Streaming TV is one of the strongest top-of-the-funnel products out there based on the sheer volume of views you can accomplish. This is also such a great way to achieve not just brand awareness but trust and explain complex products and services.

Our Recommendation

Use the 60/40 split, 60% Large Screen (or Smart TV) and 40% Small Screen ( mobile, tablet, or desktop) for a combination of brand awareness and higher engagement (clicks, CTR, etc).
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