Spotlight Recap: Check Out All Of Our Covers From 2018

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Cover designs by Sarah Geiger, Sarah Stauner and Matt Anderson

We’ve covered a wide array of topics, events and more throughout all of Spotlight Media’s publications in 2018. Here’s a recap of our year, including some of our staff’s favorites!


Bison Illustrated: Pride of the Prairie

January 2018 Bison Illustrated

Design & Living Magazine: Faces, Spaces & Places

January 2018 Design & Living Magazine

Fargo INC!: Do Well By Doing Good?

January 2018 Fargo INC!

Fargo Monthly: New In Town

January 2018 Fargo Monthly

Fighting Hawks Magazine: Say What?

January 2018 Fighting Hawks Magazine


Bison Illustrated: Sixth Championship Edition

February 2018 Bison Illustrated

Design & Living Magazine: Minimalism

February 2018 Design & Living Magazine

Fargo INC!: Appareo: The Next Generation

February 2018 Fargo INC!

Fargo Monthly: Is This The Future Of Downtown Fargo?

February 2018 Fargo Monthly

Fargo By Fargo

2018 Fargo By Fargo


Bison Illustrated: Titletown

March 2018 Bison Illustrated

Design & Living Magazine: Renovation Inspiration

March 2018 Design & Living Magazine

Fargo INC!: 35 Under 35

Fargo INC! March 2018

Fargo Monthly: Live From Fargo-Moorhead

Fargo Monthly March 2018

Fighting Hawks Magazine: Meet Your New A.D.

Fighting Hawks Magazine March 2018

The Wedding Issue

Fargo Monthly Wedding Issue 2018


Bison Illustrated: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Bison Illustrated April 2018

Design & Living Magazine: All Things Spring

Design & Living Magazine April 2018

Fargo INC!: YEA! Right

Fargo INC! April 2018

Fargo Monthly: Beer, Wine & Spirits Tour

* This was one of Art Director Sarah Geiger’s favorite cover stories of the year

Fargo Monthly April 2018


Bison Illustrated: Welcome To Fargo

Bison Illustrated May 2018

Design & Living Magazine: Safe & Sound

Design & Living Magazine May 2018

Fargo INC!: M.I.T. Hyperloop. Fargo.

Fargo INC! May 2018

Fargo Monthly: An A to Z Adventure

Fargo Monthly May 2018

Fighting Hawks Magazine: Spittin’ Chiclets

Fighting Hawks Magazine May 2018


Bison Illustrated: Bison Final Exam

Bison Illustrated June 2018

Design & Living Magazine: Room To Grow

* This was one of Design & Living Magazine‘s Editor Becca Opp’s favorite cover stories of the year

Design & Living Magazine June 2018

Fargo INC!: Be Honest. You Want To Work For This Guy.

* This was one of Associate Sales Director Neil Keltgen’s favorite cover stories of the year:

Really enjoyed to Scott Bintz article on culture in June 2018. The question and answer portion really helped as a guide with fresh ideas that can help any company.  If you missed it, go check it out.

Fargo INC! June 2018

Fargo Monthly: The Great Food Truck Diet

Fargo Monthly June 2018


Bison Illustrated: Bison Media Guide

Bison Illustrated July 2018

Design & Living Magazine: We Love The Lakes

Design & Living Magazine July 2018

Fargo INC!: What Microsoft President Brad Smith Thinks About The Future Of Work In North Dakota

Fargo INC! July 2018

Fargo Monthly: Let’s Talk About Pets

Fargo Monthly July 2018


Bison Illustrated: Past & Present

Bison Illustrated August 2018

Design & Living Magazine: Serene Scenes

Design & Living Magazine August 2018

Fargo INC!: I Got A Second Chance. Help Me Give Other Felons One Too

Fargo INC! August 2018

Fargo Monthly: 50 Hidden Treasures To Discover Downtown

Fargo Monthly August 2018


Bison Illustrated: Humbled By The Hype

Bison Illustrated September 2018

Design & Living Magazine: High Contrast Homes

* This was one of Design & Living Magazine‘s Editor Becca Opp’s favorite covers of the year

Design & Living Magazine September 2018

Fargo INC!: Succeed: Meet The Fresh Faces Of Leadership In Our Community

Fargo INC! September 2018

Fargo Monthly: Who What Wear

* This was Fargo Monthly Editor Alexandra Martin’s favorite cover story of the year:

I’d have to say that the “Who What Wear” cover story from September’s Fargo Monthly will always be special to me and a favorite of mine. It was the first issue where I was editor of the magazine, so it was my first time researching out to the community and making connections with all sorts of local makers and fashionistas. In this piece, we went into the closets of five Fargo-based individuals and asked them to share stories about special pieces of clothing and what style and personal expression through dress meant to them. My background is in fashion communications, so doing a story on what makes Fargo fashion special was a great way to kick off my role as editor. I’d like to think it was a fun way to showcase the different styles and tastes that this area holds.

Fargo Monthly September 2018

Fighting Hawks Magazine: Time To Rise

Fighting Hawks Magazine September 2018


Bison Illustrated: The Ultimate Fan Guide

Bison Illustrated October 2018

Design & Living Magazine: Kitchen & Bath Design

Design & Living Magazine October 2018

Fargo INC!: What This Election Means For Your Business

Fargo INC October 2018

Fargo Monthly: Behind The Apron

Fargo Monthly October 2018


Bison Illustrated: Iron Men

* This was one of  Bison Illustrated Editor Nolan Schmidt’s favorite cover stories of the year:

We worked closely with the Bison wrestling program and showcased just how dedicated these guys are to the sports. For me, it goes beyond that though, all of the wrestlers and head coach Roger Kish were very appreciative and nice to myself and our photographer Hillary. They are not only special athletes, but they are special people too, that’s why I had so much fun working with them for November’s issue.

* This was also one of Photographer Hillary Ehlen’s favorite cover stories of the year

Bison Illustrated November 2018

Design & Living Magazine: Come Together

* This was one of Designer Sarah Stauner’s favorite covers of the year

Design & Living Magazine November 2018

Fargo INC!: 25 Business Lessons With Gary Tharaldson

* This was one of Fargo INC!‘s Associate Publisher Jennifer Gades’ favorite cover stories of the year

Fargo INC! November 2018

Fargo Monthly: Flip Your Routine

Fargo Monthly November 2018

Fighting Hawks Magazine: Cold Blooded

Fighting Hawks Magazine October 2018


Bison Illustrated: Herd Of The North

* One of Bison Illustrated Editor Nolan Schmidt’s favorite stories of the year was Shep’s Strength:

The best story this year was from December’s issue, in my view. I did a piece with Bison wide receiver Darrius Shepherd, who lost his father to cancer in the offseason. It hit home for me because I lost my father around the same age as Darrius, so talking with him about that subject was very special to me. I was also grateful that he was able to open up to someone he barely knew about a topic so sensitive. I think it turned out to be a wonderful story, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

Bison Illustrated December 2018

Design & Living Magazine: Joy To The World

* This was one of Designer Sarah Stauner’s favorite covers of the year

Design & Living Magazine December 2018

Fargo INC!: Faces Of Fargo Business 2018

Fargo INC December 2018

Fargo Monthly: Fargo’s 2018 Yearbook

Fargo Monthly December 2018

Fighting Hawks Magazine: Senior Standouts

Fighting Hawks Magazine December 2018