Spotlights: April 2023 Recap

Hello and welcome back to another super amazing blog written by yours truly. I am here to give you a super cool and fascinating update on what we were up to during April.

Our Birthdays

One final Happy Birthday to Kim and Tori this month! Also, Tori became engaged this month so go wish her a congratulations.

work birthdays

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year when you get to celebrate out with the old and in with the new. We had a team cleaning day where we came together to organize and de-clutter our office. We were able to clear out some space and had a reason to throw away those old trinkets and papers hanging out at our desks. In the end, we celebrated with some beverages, games, and pizza from The Tavern.

Upcoming Fargo Monthly Partnership With Southern Glazers

We have been prepping for the June kick-off of the Whisky Showdown, a local competition between five bartenders to see who can make the tastiest cocktail made with Largent Bourbon. We visited five establishments including Maxwells, 46 North Pints and Provisions, The Boiler Room, 701 Eateries, and Wurst Bier Hall. Stay tuned to Fargo Monthly and in these local establishments to vote for your favorite.


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southern glazers mixologist e1682698026813southern glazers whiskey

And Action…

Some of our team got the opportunity to take part in creating a new commercial for Mas Tequila. Don’t worry no one drank during work hours. But you should go try their new brunch menu and updated drinks. They’re pretty good.

camera action

Fargo’s Last Dab

A few of our editors on Fargo Monthly took part in a hot sauce competition using sauces made in Fargo! I may have snuck in a few wings as well but definitely regretted my decision later. We had sauces from Off the Deck Hot Sauce, Big Deck Barbecue, The Ben’s.

April Recap Image2

Whiskey Anyone?

A few of our team members had the opportunity to attend a luncheon that featured a Jack Daniels Whiskey Historian through the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota. It was great to hear about how Jack Daniels has stayed true to their roots even during times of adversary. We brought back some creative tips to apply to our campaigns and strategies. WARNING: No whiskey was consumed at this event (sadly.)

Niche it Up!

Our CEO, Mike had the opportunity to speak at the annual Niche Conference in New Orleans at the end of the month. I would say what happened there but they didn’t tell me or send me a picture, but hey they had a good time at least!


Well, that was a lotttt more to write than I originally thought but it was pretty fun to write. Here’s to hoping next month is just as fun to write about and adventurous (they finally let me out of the office). Thanks for reading this month’s edition of Spotlights. You can find us on all social media platforms where I post pretty cool stuff on. See you next time!

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