VIDEO: Spotlight Media Jumps For Giving Hearts Day

Members of the Spotlight Media team created a video to show our support for Giving Hearts Day and spread the word about Unseen, a local organization created to stop human trafficking across the world.

Check out our two teammates Samantha Stark and Jenny Johnson talking about Unseen, one of many causes taking donations on Giving Hearts Day on Thursday, February 9.


Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour online giving event for more than 350 charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Go to on February 9 to make your donations. Get your friends to #GoMatchyMatchy with you! Ask friends to match your commitment to donate to a charity on Giving Hearts Day. You can each pick your own charity and dollar amount or you can go matchy-matchy all the way. Post a fun matchy-matchy photo with your friends using the hashtag #GoMatchyMatchy anytime from now until February 9th to show your support and help raise awareness for Giving Hearts Day.


Giving Hearts Day was launched in 2008 by the Dakota Medical Foundation and is a 24-hour online fundraiser for a handful of health-related nonprofits in the service area of the former Dakota Hospital. As momentum grew, the number of donors and the number of charities participating have grown hand-in-hand. The event now encompasses all of North Dakota and parts of northwest Minnesota. Last year, 326 nonprofits and charitable causes participated and in 2017, more than 350 charities and causes are on board. Last year, there were 37,139 donations to 326 charities and causes and $8.3 million raised. On February 9 this year, you have 24 hours to go online and choose which charity you would like to donate to or help raise awareness through events and social media.

Find more information about Giving Hearts Day at or